Create a new test WordPress website by solving the simple math captcha below.

* Any changes and additions/omissions made in your test site will not affect anyone else, so feel free to make it your own.
* Once you’ve solved the math captcha and pressed the big red button you’ll be able to access your demo site immediately – Our system should direct you to the test sites’ WordPress admin area. If it doesn’t then please come back to this page and start over.
* You should get a new math captcha challenge with every page refresh or arrival to this page. If you see the same captcha as previous then please try ctrl + shift + R to clear off any page cache. or else you can open this page in incognito window.
* By default all test sites have 24hr expiry timer. You can use presented login information to log back into the site till then. You can also extend site expiry time up to 28 days (4 Weeks).
* “Create Demo WordPress Site” is the default state of the red button. It means you are creating a fresh WordPress site without any demo contents. This is the same interface you will see when you have installed WordPress for the first time.
* If you came to this page through a pre-selected demo site URL (…/?t=X) then the red button will reflect it. Once you hit the button the system will create you a exact clone of that demo site. Now you can observe the back-end setup of that demo and start experimenting what you would like to achieve.

Solve this simple Math: 10 * 6 = ?

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