DIY with WP Testing Platform. Try out WordPress products in a true-to-life environment

Test drive the Divi Builder by Elegant Themes, Upfront framework by WPMU DEV and other popular free and premium WordPress products
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Some of the popular WordPress brands you can test drive here Have you ever wondered how WordPress products from different providers work with each other? Well now you can test it for yourself in your own unique WordPress site

‘Divi’ WordPress Theme


‘Extra’ WordPress Theme


Divi Child Themes and Layouts


The Divi Builder Plugin


Bloom Email Opt-Ins Plugin


Monarch Social Media Sharing Plugin


Divi Theme Add-ons

‘Upfront’ framework


CoursePress Pro


Membership 2 Pro


Jobs and Experts






WP Smush Pro






+ More Plugins

Genesis Framework by StudioPress

Genesis Theme Add-ons

* Apart from premium WordPress products, you get access to test drive almost all popular themes and plugins in the repository
** Your test site remain live as long as you keeps the site open in your browser. This way, you can test drive products for 10 minutes or 10 hours and all your unique changes will be preserved. Once you finished and closes the site, it will trigger a purge of the test site within 15 minutes.

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Why you need to test drive WordPress products?

Making the decision about running your website with a new WordPress product is fun and exciting. What will the new WordPress theme or plugin offer? Will your website benefit from it? Will your visitors like it? These are questions you might have in mind when thinking about a new WordPress product. In general it’s not possible to try a WordPress product before you purchase it. Even though most providers shows a demo of their product in action in most cases those demos are heavily customised to make the demo look appealing. A demonstration of a plugin or theme in action alone does not provide a buyer with adequate information to make his/her purchase decision. Moreover, If a buyer doesn’t happy with the purchase, most often he/she has to go through lengthy refund process to get his/her money back.
We identified there’s a genuine need for a place to test drive free and premium WordPress products before someone implement those in their live site. So here’s your place to do all the testing you want before you make a decision.
Just so you know, you can also use this site as a place to get WordPress training. There are many WordPress tutorials out there in the form of videos and blog posts so you can create a test site inside our network and use this as your learning platform.
Get acquainted yourself on how to use various WordPress tools. Hence the name ‘DIY with WP’.

You haven’t found the Plugin or Theme you want to test drive? Make a request…. We’ll make it available to you in few days

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